#1 Be spontaneous to become more creative


#1 Be spontaneous to become more creative

1 #Être spontané pour devenir plus créatif
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The leader has every interest in using the levers of spontaneity.

And here is the first good reason…

(part 1 of the Echos Business article published on 22/03/2016 and based on Sylvaine Messica’s interview)

“Sylvaine Messica, founder of En haut de l’Affiche (coaching leaders and negotiators) explains why a boss, who is also a conductor, has every interest in getting out of classical scores. Here are 6 good reasons to cultivate spontaneity when you are a company manager:

#1 To become more creative

To be spontaneous is to use your intuition, your emotional intelligence, to innovate in the moment and to be present”. Today, the company’s environment is changing so fast that the manager can no longer be content to copy processes, methods and theories that will lock him into outdated schemas,” says Sylvaine Messica, co-chair and lecturer. A spontaneous leader will be creative all the time. It will make questioning a permanent mode of operation. All of this in a constructive spirit that will help him advance his business.

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