#2 Be spontaneous to be yourself and therefore happier


#2 Be spontaneous to be yourself and therefore happier

#2 Être spontané pour être soi-même et donc plus heureux
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The leader has every interest in using the levers of spontaneity.

And here is the second good reason…

(part 1 of the Echos Business article published on 22/03/2016 and based on Sylvaine Messica’s interview)

#2 Being spontaneous to be yourself

A spontaneous boss is in step with his own freedom. More authentic, he will realize things that resemble him. The worst attitude is to try to copy someone or a personality who has had success elsewhere.” Assume who you are and be what you say. The spontaneous leader is an author, not a copier,” sums up Sylvaine Messica, who has given herself the mission of getting leaders out of their comfort zone, “where extraordinary things can happen.

“I decided to be happy because it’s good for my health” Voltaire

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