#3 Be spontaneous to develop your charism


#3 Be spontaneous to develop your charism

#3 Etre spontané pour développer son charisme
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The leader has every interest in using the levers of spontaneity.

And here is the third good reason…

(part 1 of the Echos Business article published on 22/03/2016 and based on Sylvaine Messica’s interview)

“Sylvaine Messica, founder of En haut de l’Affiche (coaching leaders and negotiators) explains why a boss, who is also a conductor, has every interest in getting out of classical scores. Here are 6 good reasons to cultivate spontaneity when you are a company manager.

#3 To develop his charisma

Yes, by being spontaneous and creative, you necessarily take more risks, because you go out of your comfort zone.” But we affirm ourselves more and we develop our charism to lead others towards movement and action, adds Sylvaine Messica. It is by being oneself that one can be charismatic and inspiring.

NB: I chose Jean-Paul Belmondo, in a difficult situation, even if it doesn’t seem it, he has a lot of charisma, a beautiful spontaneity and authenticity and he spent his time to leave his comfort zone by feeling pleasure, sometimes he took too much risk…

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