An agile society ?


An agile society ?

Une société agile
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What’s agility to you?

Agility is the state of mind that helps us to manage transitions, to innovate continuously. It is the agile attitude, a capacity of adaptation, a relational flexibility, a freedom of expression, a right to error and a boldness of error, the no hard feelings, the present, and of course the spontaneity which for those who know me is my signature.

Why are we talking about agility?

Because our changing world needs it to move forward. The system is far from organic. Established processes slow necessary and useful transformations. Because we realize that these transformations are long, complex and essentially human-based.

What prevents agility?

Systemic blockages and behavioural resistances induced by a normative, conformist and power society: education, school, higher education, performance pressure, success pressure, pressure to have an important role, power relations and submission…

How to do it in a company?

  • Breaking politics and changing strategies over the long term, rather than the new director as the new president of the Republic, will eliminate everything that was accomplished by their predecessor !
  • Create a learning culture: Avoid nourishing the pride of divas, the whole company must learn and change, at all levels and in all professions. Learning is changing!

Going out of your comfort zone must be natural

  • Developing (for real) collective intelligence: it is not a fad, it is a necessity
  • Stop using the terms trends, it doesn’t make you agile: embody the trend!
  • Diversified recruitment: stop inbreeding of clone profiles, the richness comes from the mix between autodidacts, grandes écoles, reconversion, and atypical profiles !
  • Writing values is a start, applying them is better!
  • Leave project initiative to all
  • Develop collective intelligence at all levels
  • Transform your executives into entrepreneurial leaders
  • Agile solutions from En haut de l’affiche :

Sylvaine Messica’s conferences on agility in agile mode, training to develop agility, behavioural flexibility and change management. Training to develop collective intelligence with Philippe-Elie Kassabi, graphic facilitator and collective intelligence workshop leader.

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