Applied improv : a new way of work and life !


Applied improv : a new way of work and life !

Applied improv : a new way of work and life !
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The improvisation has always existed and has been revealed in the moments of sweat rebellion as evidenced by the birth of blues & jazz.

Black people were not allowed to play with white orchestras in the United States, they played in a different, hidden, self-taught and improvisational way, which enriched traditional music and opened them up to other possible ones.

A business, a large one more specifically, is subject to a market, outcome obligations, rules and values. In order to succeed, it sets up a strategy, surrounded itself with rationalist cabinets, and finally it does not necessarily know other alternatives, and the company writes it score, it album, it will make a new one as necessary to meet its strategy. The actors of this score apply to the letter, very few risk improvisation. Besides, the ideal profile of the employee is methodical, rigorous, work-oriented, mobile, flexible in the direction, must adapt to great changes, pay attention to narcissistic power, politics…

Improvisation is practiced in all artistic areas: singing, dancing, acting, drawing, and may be a discipline in its own right, such as theatrical improvisation which takes many forms throughout the world and whose origins are multiple : ancient Greece battles, Versailles castle battles of replics, Comedy, “Match d’improvisation” (Quebec), Long form (USA), etc…

What prevents companies from “improvising” is control, thus fear, rationalization, fear of the unknown, which makes it advance rationally, the “left brain”. This mode of evolution based on finance and marketing, creates a loss of creativity for companies, they deprive themselves of their “right brain”.

If the company improvised by connecting the two halves of the brain, by evolving, in an iterative way, in perpetual motion with co-responsibility of the movement of all these actors, each one would have his moment of glory possible by innovating, cooperating, supporting others. Each one would welcome his moment of improvisation.

Develop your jazz for yourself and your team !

Sylvaine Messica is an expert in management and sales training and coaching for15 years and also a professional motivational speaker, an improvisator and a singer. She loves to sing jazz and soul music. She is the owner of “EN HAUT DE L’AFFICHE”, a French training & facilitation company. She applies improvisation to management, sales, communication skills, public speaking, problem-solving, negotiation, conflict management, team building, design thinking and creativity.  She delivers team events and training programs with her national and international teams of applied improv practitioners and spreads your business agility in the world. She has been an active volunteer, researcher and certified practitioner in the international association Applied Improv for 10 years and is the region head of the French chapter of the organization and chair of the global conference AIN Paris 2018.

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