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Applied improv : a new way of work and life !
The improvisation has always existed and has been revealed in the moments of sweat rebellion as evidenced by the birth of blues & jazz. Black people were not allowed to [...]
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Improvisation applied in business, an art-business
Do you know applied improvisation? Here is my journey, my quest… to apply improvisation to the most rational: business and enterprise! Since 1990, my conviction has been to bring together [...]
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Inspiration, expiration… Improvisation !
The “yes and” a universal tool of the improviser You know the Yes and…, not the Yes but…, the YES AND… or YES AND… It is our universal tool to [...]
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Indian summer, 2015, AIN in Montreal Canada
Like everytime and more than possible, I join my people for a conference week : The Applied improv network conference. I discover AIN, this movement in movement 6 years ago [...]
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Abstract from MIT Sloan, Management Review
Strategy as Improvisational Theater By Rosabeth Moss Kanter In following the traditional model of strategy development, a company seeks to craft the best possible plan so that it can be [...]
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