En Haut de l’Affiche
You are efficient, motivated, happy and innovative!

A team of creatives educationalists who reveal and develop your talents, your potential of performing, of motivation and innovation with a unique pedagogy and multiple experiments.

«En haut de l’affiche », an expert of the corporate world and improvisation, offers a unique approach and uses the improvisation formation mixed with management formation.

A holistic vision of the corporate world and essentials skills as the improvisation formation which allows the today’s sought-after agility. A strong expertise of the commercial and managerial performance, leadership and self development. We also have a unique approach of the animation and the facilitation in order to sublimate your commercial conventions and your seminaries or to create your internal school.

« En haut de l’Affiche » is at the same time an organism of formation and a creator of exceptional events contents.

This year, we celebrate our 10 years old !

Sylvaine Messica / Foundress

Expert in management and sale
Differential pedagogy
Would you like a transformation ? We’ll guide you from the beginning of the change to the autonomy of your teams. We act upon the strategy to the operational.
EN HAUT DE L’AFFICHE® is at the same time business expert and talents developeralchemist.
You are preoccupied by your performance, your well-being and your innovation, these are precisely our fields of excellence !
Our success is to design your project by going deeper that what you could have imagined.
Our services
We are experts of the corporate world and of today’s management and multi-discplinary as well, our experience and our skills enables us to act with agility so your training, coaching or events projects can be original, powerful and just like you.
Agile communication
Come together in seminary in order to develop the fundamentals of communication and the winning interpersonal relation. Knowing yourself, having a better understanding and adapting to the others
Agile Leadership
A custom-made training to deal with hard situations better
Applied improvisation
Applied improvisation uses training power and improvisation techniques to help transformation, skill building and personal development
Being able to assert oneself serenely in difficult situations is today an exceptional asset in our complex world
B to B sale
Our trainig give the opportunity to the commercials to be an efficient and visible leader who makes people want to buy
Collective intelligence
Reveals creativity, values, cohesion and allows an operational action plan. The coconstruction of collective intelligence allows the team to act on transformations and change at the same time
Commercial presentations
Are your sales representatives going to be in a sales support situation? This training combines speaking, assertiveness and spontaneity
Conflict management
A posture and mediation-negotiation tools to enable your teams to unblock conflicts in projects
Do you want a super creative team ? A playful training which develops creativity and its collective and individual posture ?
Graphic facilitation in live
Visualize in live in an immediate and powerful way your contents, ideas, values and conferences
Individual Coaching Training
Sylvaine Messica coaches speakers, executives and former high level athletes
You wish you could impact your teams during a commercial convention, a seminary or an event ? Just let you embark in the Sylvaine Messica’s spontaneous and expert universe
Our training modules in management go from leadership to agile management, including the persuasive leader, the kind manager or the coach-manager
Media training
You have to face the medias ? Our training with actors will learn you to deal even with the trick questions
Mur des possible ©
Escort the team in one or several questions, develop the collective intelligence and restore it on a wall.
Negotiating is an inexhaustible resource of creative solutions to find agreement and a way to develop added value
These modules lead you to develop optimism on a daily basis and have a direct impact on the atmosphere and the way problems are solved
Retail sale
Our training permits to optimize the transformation of shoppers in loyal customer, strategic challenge which facing the e-commerce
Nous créons et animons vos séminaires du contenu à l’esprit et jusqu'au lieu. Vos équipes sont requinquées, formées et unies grâce à cette symbiose magique !
We create and animate your seminaries from the content, the spirit to the location. Your teams are replenished, formed and united thanks to this magic symbiosis !
Support the visions and the values
We support your strategy and leadership, facilitating the emergence of your values and your vision as a leader
Taking the floor
To have impacting speakers: our training allows a powerful and noticed speech
A well conducted team building seminar has a direct impact on performance and well-being
Training courses
Our strengths and speciality, En haut de l'affiche gives you access to all its know-how to sustainably develop the skills of your company's living force.
All personal development themes are proposed as well as practical workshops to develop negotiation, assertiveness and manager training
Innovating, motivating, creative and kind educators
Our team, our vision
Our multidisciplinary team is strong of its benevolence, its agility, its creativity, its pedagogy, its flexibility to accompany the heart of your company: the human.

Our entrepreneurial and artistic background as well as our unique teaching method facilitate the performance, innovation and enthusiasm of our teams.

Sylvaine Messica
Founder and Leader
Philippe-Elie Kassabi
Director of design thinking and graphic and visual facilitation
We are active members and contributors of an international movement: AIN - APPLIED Improvisation Network. We develop our research and contribute to the evolution of the world thanks to applied improvisation.
Sylvaine Messica created the French branch in 2016
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