Innovate with En haut de l’affiche

You want innovate and...
… facilitate changes in your company, from transformation to posture, managerial innovation

EN HAUT DE L’AFFICHE has an autonomous and innovative structure of facilitation and graphic facilitation, integrating a studio. As an expert in modern management, you link your changes to the managerial innovation posture.

The coaching is tailor-made and can consist of several practices such as coaching, facilitation, graphic facilitation,  managerial practice workshops, agility in the posture for more agility of the company.

You need innovation
Applied improvisation
Applied improvisation uses training power and improvisation techniques to help transformation, skill building and personal development
Collective intelligence
Reveals creativity, values, cohesion and allows an operational action plan. The coconstruction of collective intelligence allows the team to act on transformations and change at the same time
Graphic facilitation in live
Visualize in live in an immediate and powerful way your contents, ideas, values and conferences
Mur des possible ©
Escort the team in one or several questions, develop the collective intelligence and restore it on a wall.
Nous créons et animons vos séminaires du contenu à l’esprit et jusqu'au lieu. Vos équipes sont requinquées, formées et unies grâce à cette symbiose magique !
Support the visions and the values
We support your strategy and leadership, facilitating the emergence of your values and your vision as a leader