Inspiration, expiration… Improvisation !


Inspiration, expiration… Improvisation !

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The “yes and” a universal tool of the improviser

You know the Yes and…, not the Yes but…, the YES AND… or YES AND… It is our universal tool to all in the world of improvisation and applied improvisation, applied improv ! Well, dear partners, dear colleagues, let us use it together and let our market grow together.

Let’s share our ideas, our grain of madness, and create together an inspiration, not a copy and paste from site to blog, like “I made it”! Let us become together what we say to be to others, extraordinarily cooperative beings who teach this to the world around them. To help change this world, let us also change.

Why change? Because I have never seen a solidarity movement that can work if everyone traces their own path. That is what is happening today and it is a danger to our credibility. Improvisation doesn’t belong to us! She is at the service of men. It is in all of us, some develop it, others upset it, it is a nature that asks only to express itself. So let’s unite in this great improvisation!

Innovators, the rare pearl!

Did you know that there are 95% imitators for 5% innovators!

To really be one of the 5% innovators, you must have the courage to invent without forgetting reality. Of course, it is not always easy to talk about applied improvisation while training operational and management staff. Like you, I wiped plaster casts, broke walls, liked or displeased, reassured and sometimes surprised!

Since 2016, I am happy to have succeeded in creating the French group Applied improvisation, improvisation appliquée, in French which brings together constructive and generous practitioners.

To cooperate and fully experience the benefits of the YES AND… Contact me