Managing optimism of your teams and yours!


Managing optimism of your teams and yours!

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Optimism, yours and that of others… This article concerns management and self-management!

By Sylvaine Messica (written in 2013)

Why is optimism a key value to develop?

It is the expression of the positive mental health of your team and your company in these gloomy and uncertain times, and finally this pessimistic vision… Although real and economic, the negative anchoring in “the crisis” is also a limiting belief.

Optimism is a positive philosophy, a permanent battle against pessimism and fatalism, an obligation to play that I give myself for life and that I distil in all my training programs, teaching in the big schools or in conferences. In my training, I see some trainees arrive with the desire to work on their optimism, some are already optimistic in nature and energize the group, and others may have resistance, so the arm wrestling pessimism/optimism begins… There is no age for this type of control… There are mainly beliefs and fears at the root of pessimism, a passive or negative attitude, a grouchy, rigid, generalizing and resistant behavior to self-learning.

Training on competence and at the same time acting on optimism is a high-level mission of leadership, affirmation and humor. If optimism is constantly maintained, everything is more accessible: competence, transmission of knowledge, change, challenges and ambitious projects, motivation, communication, personal development, happiness!

Optimism gains strength through positive energy, and resistant people are grateful for it and admit the pitfalls they fall into whatever their level in the company. This positive thinking is the only way to overcome difficulties and pressure, at the collective and individual levels.

The Coué’s pessimist method also works…

In times of crisis, businesses are rationalizing costs, the government is looking to pay down debt, while the whole dynamic comes from confidence, optimism and morale!

The anxiogenic circle begins as follows: declaration of crisis, public announcement, panic, loss of confidence, rationalization, fear, protection of the comfort zone, rigidity of strategies and behaviors, homogeneously applied processes, sometimes oversized individualistic efforts to keep one’s gains…

When your company measures growth through stock market indicators, figures and psycho-social risks, what is the morale of your troops? Have managers conducted a motivation audit?

For anecdote, in personal development, I tell these two real stories: “People were found dead from cold in a cold room, with visible frostbite… Except that it turned out that the cooling system was broken and that the temperature was 19°”. On the other hand, a mother and her child were found alive on a raft after 10 days of survival, although they had little chance of escaping without food…”

What if you develop optimism?

Driver of motivation and mental well-being of your teams. Impacted by the current pressure, have you managed to keep your optimism intact, if not what are you doing to develop it?

Optimism develops positive leadership based on trust, letting go of anxiogenic indicators, empathy and constant listening, embodied by a leader or manager, optimistic, himself, or in any case who works for it, because it is a daily personal development! This implies that this manager evolves at the behavioral level to improve his leadership and his management style.

An optimistic team is a confident, productive, smiling team that communicates, knows how to make decisions, anticipates, acts in the moment, manages pressure and has moments of relaxation, faces uncertainty, finds itself with pleasure and not only through corporate social networks.

An optimistic person transforms failure into experience, constraint into opportunity, doubt into reflection, the problem into solutions and naturally develops his self-esteem and that of others…

What to look for a lack of optimism in your teams?

  • lack or loss of confidence
  • problems felt in management
  • lack of goodwill
  • unfounded rumors fueled by fear and unease
  • fear of uncertainty
  • insufficient recognition
  • mental of failing teams
  • lack of skills training (know-how and interpersonal skills)
  • lack of freedom
  • lack of creativity
  • communication failure, interpretations, denial…
  • the values are those of the group, therefore a vision not necessarily a decided reality
  • “workomania” as an internal virus
  • changes made
  • no moments of teamwork with the manager
  • overall deficit of confidence distorted by the media and negative internal messages
  • the pessimistic view of glass half empty,
  • too many internal processes
  • fatality
  • lack of non-strategic communication
  • a short-term vision

What do you see in an optimistic team?

  • Team on the move
  • Decisions
  • Benevolence
  • Intuition and creativity
  • solidarity
  • Recognition
  • Motivation
  • Management recognized and appreciated
  • Good mood
  • Trust and good communication!

Develop your team’s optimism

Optimism within the team, dare to decide and implement a strategy, even if you never say the word happiness, yet optimism is the engine of surpassing yourself, of fulfillment and well-being… It will be palpable and will impact your results, you will then have to explain your success internally !

How do we do that?

  • Integrate it as a value and develop it. Regular training, at management and team level: workshops, conferences and training, to develop confidence, cohesion, positive communication and business skills.
  • Translating problems into solutions (facilitation support)
  • Develop leadership, enthusiasm and support
  • Prefer regular actions to “fireman” actions
  • Develop spontaneity and let go of it to get out of “control
  • Dare the strategy of optimism,
  • Exceeding and tolerating error
  • Communicate, assert yourself and develop the spirit of initiative
  • Congratulate and reward its teams
  • Recovering pleasure and cooperation

Top of the Poster Seminars, Generating Optimism and Creativity

Since 2002, I have been developing performance, motivation and optimism through training (sales, negotiation, management, assertiveness, personal development, creativity, training of trainers), conferences (leadership, motivation and negotiation), coaching and seminars. It is my engine, from coaching to change, that allows me to get people out of their comfort zone, thus opening up their emotional and creative intelligence, developing their mind and facilitating their evolution: “moving with optimism”! For 3 years, customers have been asking me for optimism training! Before, it was delivered in the package, without being sold, today it is the official training request. We can also call it “happiness at work”, for me, it is a result. Attention, affirming loud and clear that one is able to develop optimism is a responsibility, which I assume with joy thanks to the feedback from my trainees and coached. The other day, one week after the Paris bombings, I gave a Tedx lecture on “the power of spontaneity”, a person calls out to me after “you radiate a sincere and communicative optimism, thank you, that’s what we need today”…

When Philippe-Elie KASSABI (our graphic facilitator see drawing above) animates “the collective fresco” to teams, there can be a desire to paint “a blackboard”, we answer them, “go ahead”… And there the magic happens, they go from black to color and thus optimism, naturally, because in painting it jumps out to them more than in their daily life !

With my team and through our creative experiential teaching methods (improvisation, music and painting), we facilitate and train cohesion, support change, creativity that allows innovation, while developing business skills (sales, negotiation, management, leadership, assertiveness, professional effectiveness…).

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