Oh yes, the educational innovation exists ! It just needs recognition !


Oh yes, the educational innovation exists ! It just needs recognition !

Si, l'innovation pédagogique existe, elle a juste besoin de reconnaissance !
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I just answered a post entitled “innovation in training does not exist”, for those who know my approach, it made me want to react, so I post you my answer…

Innovation in professional training exists, it is in fact to dare to pay tribute to it that I named the training organization I created “En Haut de l’Affiche”, a break with the series of copy-pasteers ending up OS. The real problem of lack of innovation, comes from large training structures and large client companies that make training very normative, because easier to make standardized mass, like at school! Attention, I do not criticize these structures which have much professionalism, I even guarantee one with which I am partner, it ends in OS, except that to my knowledge it was the first!

When we have a particular talent for pedagogical innovation, we find clients who resemble us and value us! I raise here a major problem observed in France: there is not much respect for the ideas of others, do we cite its sources? Ideas are exchanged and shared on the condition of mutual respect!

I remember… My first steps in the consulting / coaching / training environment… I led a very innovative sequence commissioned by my client, a CEO of a company in full change. The client’s large consulting firm (very well known in 3 letters) had come to observe my sequence. The consultant looked at me condescendingly as if I were not from his caste. In the end, I earned his respect because the client, who was also his, was delighted with the success of the module. The consultant had to face the facts, this innovation was working! On the other hand, if this type of cabinet takes up this content while having its normative structure of thought, it cannot work! Consulting groups, associate small innovative firms to your approaches it will not take away your notoriety, on the contrary it will give you a more open, more human side and you will gain by delegating and citing your partners…

Just as I am part of a global group that applies improvisation and develops innovation in companies, France is the only country without a group that exchanges ideas… What is needed is to change habits, attitudes and respect ideas more, especially in pedagogy. I have a precise example, in improvisation applied to an operational objective, we create exercises resulting from improvisation, it makes sense when the exercise or the pedagogical game is well chosen, carrying an enlightening debrief. Today, I observe exercises of this type repeated in the teaching manuals of large organizations without there being any meaning or source in relation to the training and especially that this game is not led by a competent expert. Innovation requires pedagogical talent in writing and animation, author and expert legitimacy. Why? Why? To innovate, you have to get the band out of its comfort zone, which is very delicate… When it works, it’s extraordinary from a progression point of view.

In conclusion, pedagogical innovation requires to be animated by its author or his disciples, legitimate and experts, and it cannot be brought back to the norm, otherwise it is no longer an innovation, it is an idea passed in the customs of which the author and the initial meaning have been forgotten as many contents in professional training. That’s why I design all my programs fully custom and that for the moment I’m not yet industrialized!

Think also to innovate in your presentations and meetings thanks to the graphic facilitation which puts in drawings and key words all the contents of your conventions (cf our drawing).

Finally, hire HR managers and training managers who are not afraid to innovate and get themselves out of their comfort zone!