Paris – LA LA Land of dreams


Paris – LA LA Land of dreams

Paris - LA LA Land of dreams
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I’d like to write in english. My english is simple, everyone could understand !

I just came back from my life-work trip in Los Angeles !

I was there for the Applied Improv Network conference, as usual since 2007, when I met my tribe. Since that moment, I’ve created Applied Improv France, and a lot of americans friends will come next year for our hosting AIN conference in Paris ! I was there also to announce that great surprise. I have the honnor to be the 2018 Paris conference chair.

LA inspired more than the first time visited with my family? two years ago, because I had time to dream, observe and meet people. This year was also the year of Lalaland even if they did’nt have the oscar that they thought they had, this movie is great and full of sens and metaphor on success in artistic fields. Ther is love message between LA and Paris in the movie too, americans and frenches.

Los Angeles, the megalopolis is full of paradox and contrasts : business women and men are running in the rush hour and homelesses are wondering aimlessly. Lalaland describe perfectly this universe of glossy paper where happy few are stars. Here, the coffee shop serves a “small” coffee sized like 10 expressos in Paris. Here, I took my breakfast and discover some old pictures of… Paris, the other american dream of americans !

What I love in American people that I meet in my work or in my different experiences is their power of listening. They like my spontaneity too and some of them follow me in it. Being authentic, spontanuous, and human, we’ll discover new ways and new people.

Americans are strong in mass market, and it’s also too much, now every company in the world is like that ! Global !

Americans are kind, respectfull, listening and like the new proposition, I feel that status are less important for them, they give a chance to succed, they offer a place !

Frenches are very creatives, some of us, but less cooperatives in my observation. Sometimes, they need a validation for trusting something ! The loose time in creativity came by ego and less cooperation. Pity because we are crazy, cultivate, kind and powerful. I hope I will change that, everyone can be connect for what he is !

Now, I think to my dream day in LA, when all the day I thought I’ll met black singer and will sing for a Jam, and in fact the “jam” was a workshop writing by Mike Bonifer, my friend, to call ” improvisation session”. I had misanderstood all day, and finish by created the dream that I expected : sing with jazz legends in the World Stage and be someone with that great people ! Sometimes, when you are dreaming and when the place and people around are open for that, your dreams become real ! Thanks for this amazing experience of music and improv and a high connection !

Dreams are cooperation of determination and crazyness !

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