The 6 levers of the spontaneous leader


The 6 levers of the spontaneous leader

Les 6 leviers du leader spontané
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A “classic” leader must have charisma in order to inspire, persuade and lead to movement and action.

The “spontaneous leader” is charismatic and also a conductor who begins to improvise, a pianist who leaves the score, a leader who generates new ideas taking into account those of others !

The spontaneous leader is the jazz man of the company!


Imagine a leader in the field and in action, who is connected with the real and the operational! Imagine a spontaneous and agile leader who transforms his company iteratively… The company can help its managers and sales people to become more spontaneous, sometimes after years of implementing change processes that have not always worked! If you want creativity and innovation, adopt the spontaneity leadership.

  • Be yourself, don’t try to imitate someone because temptation can be great in this universe of comparison and inspiration (copied/pasted). Accept what you are to be an authentic leader and be what you say! The spontaneous leader is an author not a copier!
  • To develop his presence, listen: to others, your intuition, your emotions. Reframe, communicate your emotions, recognize the emotions of others, it allows a better empathy.
  • You are legitimate, in your place since chosen as leader, expert, partner… So take confidence and smile!
  • Be in the moment, the leadership of spontaneity is first and foremost the art of improvising “with the other” or of reacting well, especially in difficult situations, using the “Yes and”, stopping the “Yes but…”.
  • Gently convey your ideas with enthusiasm and optimism! You can also be rebellious, watch out for assertiveness. Use positive language and attitude
  • Get out of your comfort zone and dare to do what you want: meet a decision-maker, act, change, innovate!

This is the subject of my last conference, which aims to restore the importance of spontaneity in a world in perpetual movement and uncertainty… The video that was posted a week ago is linked below. This concerns everyone, not just managers, you can show it to your teams to help them. My experiences in sales and improvisation have forged this spontaneous leadership that opposes that of the title, the expert, notoriety. I apply improvisation to the development of creative, positive and sustainable leadership, in line with our time, which could well dust off some elephants settled in an elitist charisma of status and power! Without spontaneity, there is no creativity, therefore no innovation! It is urgent to develop this attitude to be agile and accelerate the development of strategy and transformation in cooperation.

In short: this posture makes it possible to be a leader in the moment (here and now), to generate energy and positive relationships, while being authentic.

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