The power of spontaneity : the video of Tedx


The power of spontaneity : the video of Tedx

La puissance de la spontanéité : la vidéo du Tedx
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November 2015, the 21th, Lille, a week after the Paris attacks. Why talking about that today, i thought … Why not ? I also wanted to bring hope. That day, nothing worked as accepted for this organizers and the participants, I made mistakes because it was told me that my change of mike will be cut to the piece of editing… But eventually, i incarnated well my message of spontaneity in the snapshot and in the undertaken imperfection which is the principle of the creation and the letting go. Even if it was too dark to see that, the audience was with in a full exchange with me and thanked me and thanked me warmly for the breath of optimism and freshness that I had brought them. I was touched because that’s what I wanted, to be myself and carry them!

Spontaneity is my wisdom!

Some experts or leaders would have us believe that we shouldn’t be spontaneous! Do they fear spontaneity or lack it? It is the very source of creativity, authenticity and boldness. For several years I have been spreading the power of spontaneity to intelligently revolutionize this world towards a sustainable development of the human being, agility. The processes are doomed to disappear, spontaneity as situational and emotional intelligence will liberate this new world in motion.


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