Trust your agility and innovation with real creative people!


Trust your agility and innovation with real creative people!

Confiez votre agilité et innovation à de vrais créatifs
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Today we talk a lot about innovation, transformation, liberation… It requires creativity, agility, talents…

Is it possible to release this creative energy into the company?

To release it, it will take a lot of energy, letting go, emotional intelligence… So would it suddenly be possible to entrust your agile accompaniment to rational methodical profiles having for years advocated the “all process”?

Priorities to fight:

  • We want to change by keeping our traditional consulting companies formatted, which accompany us on all our changes”… Is this politics, strategy or a withdrawal into comfort zones? These large consulting firms that have implemented all internal processes and reduced costs, it is therefore the same type of firm that will magically be able to offer you agility and creativity? Agility is a breaking talent, a creative state of mind. If they are classic, they will do classic even with a fun name!
  • « It’s a big firm, it’s known, no risk. To format emotional intelligence, creativity is to control it, to destroy it. Only a creative person who knows the company and the people can really help you.” Those who helped elephants die will not turn you into an eel. Accept the difference because it is the necessary complementarity and choose the emotional intelligence of the person even if it opposes your profile!
  • He’s a foreign expert, so he’s better”: does he know our corporate culture, our language, is he really an expert? Choose your partners near you, France is not late, the talents are there, the processes lead to a delay of action and confidence… In France, we are behind on only one point, the decision of real change, cooperation and sharing.
  • « We’re from the same school or class”: that defends itself of course because you’ve had extraordinary times together. But finally, is it good that my partner thinks like me if I want to change? »


1. wanting to change is to accept to change

Change yourself by looking for innovative profiles themselves, which is difficult if the client is methodical and expects a process: choose a person who has values, ethics and especially ideas even if these seem to push you. When you look at a Picasso, you don’t wonder why it didn’t do differently and not standard for the time… Adapt to the change because you embody it as the leader of this project! Stop controlling, let go and entrust this project to creative pedagogues, agile and experts! Complementarity is the key. If your budget is already entrusted to a process firm, you can also recommend a creative talent, but not as a spare wheel, as a strategic leader. Emotional intelligence is not a sub-function of IQ, EQ is as important, if not more important today, to succeed. Rational intelligence is a good basis, emotional intelligence allows agile transformation into happiness!

2. Step out of your comfort zone

You will have to accept the idea of going outside your comfort zone and as its name suggests, at first it will not be pleasant and it will generate resistance to change, perhaps yours and especially those of some eaders. You can’t tame uncertainty if you stay within its certainties! Get out of the comfort zone, explore, become aware, reassure your employees because the disturbance is healthy and normal. The more one is used to change and the easier it is, what I call agility!

3. Trust in change

Trust facilitates change and the transformation project. The pilot of the project must learn to return confidence to daily life because it is him who is in the line of fire, and if most have confidence and he has moments of loss of confidence or significant doubts, he will have to be accompanied to be positive even in case of doubt.

4. Train your teams in agile and positive leadership!

A successful innovation project has several levels:

  • The production of the project and the ideas: this passes by the facilitation of innovation and the pedagogy of the events, visual facilitation for the follow-up of the project, the change and the evolution of the project itself, from where the importance of having creative and agile facilitators because they accept easily to make evolve their ideas! Memorize collective intelligence through live, modern, fun and integrative graphic facilitation.
  • The transformation of managers: support for positive and creative leadership behavioural skills is essential and perhaps extended to all sales staff, attention I said professional training by professionals! These skills are sensitive and must be accompanied in high pedagogy, it is precisely our added value!
  • Change is multi-dimensional and iterative!

Deciders and operational of transformation, free yourself from dictates and dare to meet the creative pedagogues* of En Haut de l’Affiche.

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