What is facilitation?

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You will organize a convention soon… You have figures to show them, things to say, a change to accompany humanly! The place is booked and you may already have an agency. You dream of change, rather of evolution… You would like your teams to be actors of change, you want them to contribute to the added value of your company. Our pedagogical expertise in change management has led us to become facilitators. A change cannot be decreed… It can be facilitated!

Facilitation means not inducing messages, but rather bringing out the message of the group. It is the most effective support for change or innovation because your teams act and become change! EN HAUT DE L’AFFICHE has become a specialist in facilitation thanks to its versatility, its pedagogical expertise and its creativity. Facilitator of your event, specialist in creativity and educational communication “fun” that moves your teams in the right direction, flexibility and humour. Emotion is the best way to make an impression and to make the actors of your company really actors. We co-design your personalized facilitation project: a dedicated team will be proposed to you composed of our facilitators and our graphic facilitator, sometimes also our team of professional improvising actors or artists always in the spirit of serving the operational objective. Your event will not look like any other! Our strength is to follow this facilitation project through training or coaching.

What is the purpose of graphic facilitation?

Graphic facilitation by Philippe-Elie Kassabi