Women, equality, Simone Veil…


Women, equality, Simone Veil…

égalité, femme , simone veil
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When I was a sales manager, I experienced sexism quite violently. My CEO fired me because I was pregnant, it was 2000, “but that was before”! Today I dare to say “thanks” to this dismissal, I have resumed my studies to complete a Master in Management and I have become a consultant and trainer. Looking back is a little ironic, I say thank you!” Dear Sir, despite yourself, you have allowed me to succeed in my brilliant studies, I have become independent and I have created my company! Now I’m guiding bosses who have values and I’m proud of it.” My children gave me incredible strength and the desire to fight and be free!

This year was decisive because I decided to realize my dream, I wrote and recorded a song, yes only one for the moment, because I am performing. This song, “Les filles de Simone Veil”, I wrote in 2015 to pay tribute to Simone Veil who inspired me so much as a woman in front of this horde of men in the national assembly and also in relation to her rebellious temperament and her resilience. I identify a lot with her as other women and even men. When I talk to managers about leaders during my training, Simone Veil comes just behind Nelson Mandela in the most inspiring leaders’ choices. One day, in the subway, I was watching women in particular, and I said to myself, we are free, we act as we see fit, we have children if we want, we work, we study as a whole, because it’s not simple yet… Are young women paying attention to this freedom? It has been achieved through the struggles of our elders determined to change the world and also through caring men who respect women and want them to have the same rights. All mothers today are very careful to raise their boys in egalitarian values? Then why is there still so much harassment and ordinary sexism? So why did the #metoo wave appear in 2017? So why aren’t wages still equal everywhere? Then why do some women lack self-esteem?

So why is it so hard to speak about all of this when we have an image ?

Because sexism is really present. Fighting sexism is fighting every discriminations and it is not fighting men ! I would like to join forces with women and men for a better understanding. And it is also by dint of seeing brilliant women weakened by certain behaviours that I decided to create a conference-show for women, in order to highlight what we live and to give them solutions. By giving them confidence and the contents of assertiveness, I am happy to help the world evolve and promote equality and caring. The first “power of affirmation” took place on March 8, 2018, in Marseille in front of 100 women at Dalkia, the Med & Elles women’s community. The company is committed to the equality and well-being of women. I was happy to give and receive in return. Leaders have a strong interest in breaking the taboo on sexism to create greater cohesion and values.

One day a headhunter told me “you are perfectly aligned between the male and the female, it is very powerful, you are made to give power to the other women, you do not know it yet”. I didn’t know what to do with that statement, now I know…

We must be careful not to fall into a male/female separatist struggle, and for me, what will make the difference is that women really become supportive of each other, without doing what they could blame men for: selective sexist politics!

My fight is soft, respectful and sympathetic

The sympathetic rebel

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