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A team managed by…

Philippe Elie Kassabi our famous talent facilitator
Graphic Facilitation By En haut de l’affiche

Philippe Elie accompanies the teams in their transformation and helps them adapt to the new digital world that is opening up before them. And Sylvaine Messica facilitates design thinking and the emergence of ideas through a unique pedagogy that encourages spontaneity.

I make it easier to see the objectives to go further together!

We animate your collective intelligence through the intervention of facilitators and graphic facilitators, acting live on the event. Your event is followed live on the networks, the visuals made live impact your event during and after. Our graphic facilitators draw what they hear and value your employees’ words.

In addition for your event:

  • Our original and original conferences will animate your events in an inspiring and operational way.
  • Our practical workshops allow you to deploy a training practice in a short time.

And we can guide you to prepare your collective intelligence event: coaching, facilitation, collective intelligence training.

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The advantages
  • Visual
  • Synthesis
  • Communication
  • Live
  • Inspiring
  • Percutant
  • Continue the event
  • Digital revolution
Production of animated films