Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership

Become an agile leader and
succeed in your transformation !

Your innovation and digital transformation are strategics to you ? What could accelerate or slow down the changes ? Answer : The behavior of the teams and directors.

The managerial innovation is our strength and our hybrids escorts facilitate all of your transformations.

The agility and the leadership are not thing that appaer one day; you can only get it in going out of your comfort zone by a self-development and a demanding escort and in the long run.

We escort the ANETT society for 5 years. This is an extract of the director’s testimony :

Our managers became leaders who put their team in motion thanks to En Haut de l’Affiche – Pierre-Marie PAPIN

The developed skills
  • Announce change with efficiency
  • Develop your charisma and leadership
  • Deal with hard situation at sale / negotiation / management
  • Deal with your stress and to assert yourself
  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Find and developed a positive repartee in the snapshot
  • Work the cooperation in the everyday life
  • Develop the kindness and the confidence as strategic key
  • The win-win posture
  • Become a coach manager of your team
80 % of my managers became leaders and…
20 % stayed in their comfort zones

An edifying story can help you to take a decision

Four characters walk in a labyrinth looking for some cheese : two little men, the Minigus Polochon and Balluchon and two mice, Flair and Spire.

The cheese symbolize the personal or professionals goals that each set. The labyrinth symbolize the structure of our quest, namely the household, the company or the society.

One day, the four friend found a massive quantity of their favorites cheeses. A pleasant routine settled in until the day all the cheese disappeared.

Who stole my cheese ? How to adapt to the change at work, in family and in love, best seller by Spencer Johnson