Applied improvisation

Applied improvisation

Applied improvisation
to personal development

What is applied improvisation ?

Applied improvisation is a set of practices and techniques derived from improvisation that liberates skills: agility, leadership, spontaneity, creativity, cooperation, collective intelligence, charisma, presence, listening, team cohesion and intuition.

Sylvaine Messica is a former commercial manager, who was also an improvising actress and creator of an improvisation Ligure. She trained her salespeople and, at the same time, she trained improvisers. Spontaneous in life and in sales, recognized expert in sales and management, she decided to combine the power of improvisation to better undertake, work and sell.

In 2005, Orange entrusted her with a large-scale training project for 2,000 managers that validated her convictions on a large scale: improvisation enabled her to develop the business expertise she trained. It was the largest project in France of applied improvisation of skills, on which she created an animation project team En Haut de l’Affiche.

She joined the AIN monde group in 2007 following this project to share her knowledge with her peers.  en 2007 suite à ce projet pour partager son savoir avec ses pairs.

It is above all a family, a philosophy and values. What we defend are the values of spontaneity and humanism to change the world. The team at the top of the poster creates improvisation projects applied to events to communicate, to facilitate change management, to multiply the rise in skills, etc.

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We defend spontaneity and humanism to change the world

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World Congress of Applied Improvisation from 23 to 26 August 2018 in PARIS

Organised by Sylvaine Messica and the French Team of AIN France