B to B sale

your athlets of selling

Even if the sale turn into something different for several years due to the enter of the digital, it is still very indispensable to develop the talent of sale of your commercials.

Yoo commercial is a high-level athlete who needs to train often to develop some reflexes and winning behavior.

En haut de l’affiche developed innovating methods to train your commercials and engineers of business and technique-comercials. The escorting is global : commercial strategy, social-selling, exploration, sale and negotiation.

Selling is always the more precious and audacious way to develop the turnover of the company

You can choose
  • Intensive training to techniques of selling
  • Training to the discovery of pertinent questions, the persuasion and the conviction
  • The discovery client and questioning strategy
  • Treatment of objections
  • Negotiation
  • Conclusion
  • Development of charisma and commercial leadership
100 %
of the trained commercial are more motivated , progress and obtain better results