Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence

Facilitate your

En haut de l’affiche has a very global spectrum of know-how in collective intelligence, making it a unique, operational and fun offer. It brings together the facilitation of the emergence of ideas, live graphic and visual facilitation, and live pedagogical support for participants.

We organize and facilitate your creativity seminars. Your teams are supervised in benevolence. Our innovative pedagogies produce the best ideas. Beforehand, we accompany you on the preparation of your event and on the posture of the facilitator.

We restore your collective intelligence through the graphic facilitation led by Philippe-Elie Kassabi and his team.

Sylvaine Messica‘s new methods of applied improvisation, developed long ago, have a particular impact on creativity. Furthermore, his expertise in management and leadership is particularly effective when it comes to creating a leadership vision and managerial and team values.

Collective intelligence is a powerful response to any desired transformation

Our types of interventions
  • Accompanying your transformations
  • Animation of "World Café"
  • Bring out the vision and values (Codir, seminars, conventions)
  • Collaborative Fresco
  • Wall of Possibilities©
  • Design Thinking
  • Improvisation applied to creativity
  • Workshops
  • Story Telling creativity and collective intelligence
  • Market Place
  • Advice and recommendations on places with creative added value
  • 2 days training on collective intelligence