Conflict management

Conflict management

Develop your affirmation and
the art of mediation

Conflict is inherent in any organization, and women and men who work together have to manage it.

Giving them methods and helping them develop the right attitudes can simplify relationships and even eliminate these conflicts.

Integrative negotiation and mediation can integrate programs.

Cleaning up conflicts to transform them into better relationships

You have the choice
  • Training, Intensive Training
  • Coaching support
  • Workshops
  • Theatrical improvisation applied to conflict management (Creation of sketches for your events)
  • Playback theatre
  • Forum Theatre
  • Role-playing with actors
Professor of leadership and conflict management

Sylvaine has been a professor of leadership and conflict management at ESCP Europe for several years.

It is also present in other schools and with prestigious clients to accompany them in the management of their conflicts.