Creativity with
artistic experiences

A truly vocation to stimulate and make creativity and innovation born within your teams. Beyond our operational expertise of the company, of its management and of its pedagogy, we are also artists and recognized specialists of applied theatrical improvisation, of applied art, music and singing.

The added value of our offer consists in living an extraordinary artistic experience while integrating it in your everyday life in the company in order to make it evolve in a positive way ( project of transformation / evolution / innovation ).

In the form of workshops or seminaries, we facilitate your creativity in response to your problem.

Release your imagination to innovate with success

Our seminaries of creativity
  • Create an added value
  • Multiply the collective intelligence and make the innovation easier
  • Federate the intercultural within the group
  • Create or launch a company project
  • Initiate a team’s project
  • Organize a contest of internal amelioration
  • Reinvent our service, our job, our relation with the customer…
  • Retain
  • Creativity training