A unique conference-show : The Talk-song of Sylaine Messica

Professional speaker and member of the AFCP

Live a conference, a living,
expert, inspiring and emotional experience

Sylvaine Messica is a recognized professional speaker who gathers 5 facets : she’s an expert in commercial managerial performance, she’s a coach, a trainer, a comedian and an artist which provides energy and values messages and emotion.

On stage, she wakes your inspiration, your awareness, your motivation and your love of the profession up.

Her conferences are inspiring, motivating and interactive as evidenced by a Levi’s manager « That’s a stand-up of training ». She transfers her energy, her kindness, her expertise in taking the drama out and in offering concretes solutions. Each conference is an emotionally strong exchange which tempt the audience to progress, to go out of its comfort zone, to surpass itself and to succeed.

This is an event and a global follow-up : she creates with you a custom-made event, integrating the possibility to set in motion the whole group and to realize practical workshops as well as creating a truly formation device with the aim of perpetuate the performance.

-- Possible follow-up of workshops --

The ancient world is directed by the law of process which reduces the agility and does not give the indispensable motion to the faster and more intuitive new world.

Sylvaine Messica is a specialist of the applied improvisation in France and she gives you the solution to have a step ahead in agility.

Get acquainted with yourself again and transform your organization in a more agile and a more creative way thanks to the spontaneity. Get some tools, a vision of self-help, of the society and a state of mind which makes your everyday life better !
For the leaders, the sales reps and the communicants of companies.

TEDx Lille solicited Sylvaine Messica for her famous format of short lecture which targeting the
general public and which will give you an idea… ( Watch the video bellow )
-- Possible follow-up of trainings --

How to become a leader who spreads optimism, collective intelligence and makes the creativity and agility easier…
-- Possible follow-up with the Match de Négociation®, the educational game that I created and registered --

This lecture goes to all the « negotiators », regardless their status : leaders, managers, sales rep or buyers. I polish the negotiation again before giving my opinion about the high-level negotiation with emotional, situational, intuitive, spontaneous, creative and innovative intelligence.

Video Excerpt
-- Sale retail or B to B --

Already realized for giant retail brands, this lecture goes to sellers, it gives a new meaning to theirs roles, to the customer and it also give power to their brand…
Tools and self-development in order to to make your sale a success in just being yourself…
Une conférence-spectacle pour comprendre l’importance de l’affirmation et de l’intelligence émotionnelle dans les relations, la vente et l’entreprise. Cette conférence prône une égalité par le leadership et la bienveillance ! Anecdotes, one woman show, contenus pratiques et ses chansons pour rassembler femmes et hommes !
of Sylvaine Messica