Negotiating is a way of
developing additional value

Negotiation, another high-level sport, essential for salespeople, can also be internal to the company and therefore vital to its development.

Negotiating, from an etymological point of view, means “agreeing to agree”. It is thus a form of mediation-cooperation which intervenes in various fields: politics, geopolitics, social relations of the company, wage agreements and of course the sale of the company’s products.

With regular training, crisis situations are limited and the behavioural and tactical “gesture” becomes reflex.

Individual or collective training by En Haut de l’affiche has a strong return on investment. The Up Front method facilitates the appropriation of negotiation tactics, reinforces strategic preparation and develops the behavioural skills essential to any negotiator.

The principles of improvisation applied to negotiation are particularly relevant because they are based on cooperation, finding agreement, co-constructing and concluding winwin. In an improvisation match, we play “with” and not “against”, so it is a negotiation.

From this double expertise, En Haut de l’affiche invents a new form of game-training event : the Match de Négociation©

Our team of senior consultants is involved in the following areas of negotiation: B to B, retail, luxury, banking, real estate, union and social negotiations, crisis negotiation…

Agreeing to Agree

Which training for which negotiations?
  • Negotiation: gaining margin and reliability
  • Asserting yourself in negotiations
  • High level bargaining, union/social negotiations
  • Buyer negotiation and purchasing techniques
  • Coaching in preparation for complex and strategic negotiations
  • Agile and creative negotiation "conferenc"
  • Workshops
High level negotiation training
100% of coachees
have more leadership than before training
Testimony of a sales manager of major luxury brand says :

« My turnover has increased by 15% after our negotiation training »