Retail sale

Make the client live
a good experience

At a time when digital evolution has transformed commerce, when you are a customer and you go into a shop your expectations from salespeople are even higher than before.

The customer who likes shopping needs a salesman who accompanies him, understands him, listens to him, advises him and seduces him.

Salespeople need custom-made training that includes the most psychological and important part: the behavior.

Sylvaine Messica has an experience in the accompaniment of retail and luxury and, its added value is to reveal the potential of each salesman by using in particular her new methods. Her exigence and kindness lead to the success of your salespeople and have an impact on the development of your sales outlets’ turnover.

On major retail training deployments, she manages her teams of trainers in order to obtain the best results.

If buying is a pleasure, selling is an art

You have the choice
  • Training courses
  • Intensive Training
  • Thematic workshops
  • Sylvaine Messica's lecture: Authentic sales
  • Story-Telling for sale
  • Negotiation