Taking the floor

Taking the floor

From the impacting speaker
to the professional speaker

The message of a speaker who speaks in public today has more impact than written communication because it is relayed on social networks.

Today the occasional speakers are more and more numerous, the stake is that they are better to have a positive impact on the image of your company.

Public speaking is one of the fundamental fears, hence the importance of accompaniment. Whether your communicators are introverted or extroverted, everyone needs to affirm their style and develop their charisma by speaking in public.

Today, we have clients trained by En Haut de l’Affiche who are television columnists, lecturers, start-up leaders, digital evangelists and managers.

The results are spectacular, you evolve and you develop personally! Remember to prepare your speakers for the national conventions and contact-us.

Strategic competence as a key success factor

Convincing and Persuading
100% of those trained and coached
have more impact after training