The team-building to
collaborate, communication, being motivated and knowing yourself

The method of En haut de L’affiche develops the cooperation, the cohesion of the team, the collective and individual kindness, the collectives values by experimentation (experiential learning)…

Today, the corporate world ask its collaborators for more agility, which implies more autonomy and so an increased need to support the cohesion of the team in a regular way.

En Haut de l’Affiche is the leader of hybrids seminaries in which we give you the solutions of your problems by :

  • the experience of art, applied to cohesion as the applied improvisation to the cohesion of the team,
  • the collective intelligence and sometimes in completing workshops and trainings.

Motivation is maintained and values are incarnated. Bringing motivation and values to life through play and art by leaving its comfort zone collectively reunites your team in a lasting way.

Your seminary is unique, we create it in a custom-made way in suggesting you adequate or unusual places too and some of high-level educational creatives.

Our goals

  • Making your team live the experience of applied improvisation to polish each of them in the collective experience ;
  • Making you live moments of happiness and emotions you will never forget ;
  • Giving you the opportunity to keep this competences into the company.

Express yourself in respcting the sensibility and the rights of the others

You can choose
  • Create or enforce the cohesion of the team, the motivation
  • Build, consolidate and mobilize a team
  • Define the values of the team and the group
  • Create a common project, adding added value
  • Relax, find yourself again, let go
  • Work in a project
  • Bring people together around the negotiation: : Le Match de négociation©
  • Communicate better in the everyday life
  • Get the rules of the management better
  • Create together
  • Rebuild the dynamic of a group and a team project before a restructuring
  • Create an identity before a fusion/acquisition
  • Federate a big group