Design thinking – Facilitation by EN HAUT DE L’AFFICHE

Le design thinking - La facilitation by EN HAUT DE L'AFFICHE

You will organize a convention soon… You have figures to show them, things to say and do you dream of generating innovation… The place is booked and you also dream of change… You would like your teams to stop listening to you politely, you want them to contribute to the added value of your company. This change cannot be decreed, nor can the messages you want to convey.

Design thinking is a new term for all the resources and means that bring movement and innovation to the forefront of any business. Large companies find it very difficult to move and make people move: inertia, power, egos, fears, in short resistance to change. To my point of view and especially of observation, the large firms leading the changes did not help because they are too formatted, they would have us believe 10 years later and several million later that they are suddenly agile and creative!

Since 2002, I have been very committed to a path that has not been easy to develop in France, ” applied improvisation ” in corporate leadership and transformation. As a business consultant, improviser and expert in professional training, leadership, sales and negotiation, I decided to apply these tools resulting from improvisation to make the company more spontaneous, more flexible, more adaptable, more human and above all more efficient. Attention, this is not improvisation, it is pedagogy applied to change, behavioral performance and change. I am part of a creative and positive movement that applies improvisation and makes the world move in its own way, I am proud to be the first French committed and certified. Yes it requires commitment because it generates resistance, it also shows that decision-makers do not always like to go out of their comfort zone and choose classic solutions. It is precisely by leaving your comfort zone that you will be able to change and innovate! In fact, I’d been practicing design thinking for years! Agility, my DNA, which I gladly transmit to my coachees, trainees and audiences.

When you call on En Haut de l’Affiche, you call on a creative facilitator for your event, a specialist in fun educational design who moves your teams in the right direction, flexibility and humor. Emotion is the best way to make your company’s players really players. We design your personalized facilitation project: our team is composed of project managers, facilitators, graphic facilitators, improvisers, speakers… Your event will look like no other! in addition, after the event, we follow the teams through coaching and training.

We are fortunate to have a graphic facilitator, Philippe-Elie Kassabi, who develops design thinking and his talent in the fields of training, event, strategy, marketing, advertising and com

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