Break the codes and unleash your creativity in all spontaneity!

Sylvaine Messica et la spontanéité

Kenzo World advertising is amazing and emotionally powerful! Spike Jonze, the director of the film "In the skin of John Malkovitch" features the sublime and mischievous model-actress-dancer Margaret qualley, with the brilliant choreographer Ryan Heffington, that of the clip of Sia!


When I saw this ad for the first time, I cried, I was writing " the power of spontaneity", And like Margaret Qualley, I have already saved myself from this kind of situation.

Hypersensitivity or another view of the world?

The film released, and reminds me of the vision and the fight I carry for a more spontaneous and more creative world in the face of formatted world and to the "big world" which made me dream while disgusting me because filled with toxic political stratagems and impediments of creativity and freedom of thought. This big world, I entered it while keeping my integrity ...

With my teaching method, especially around the improvisation applied to the development of soft skills and leadership which works and militates for the release of talent, spontaneity and uniqueness of each one, I allowed myself to be spontaneous in a formatted world and I help leaders and managers to become jazz (wo) men in their field.


Margaret Qualley, trapped in a social dinner party, I felt like her in business, when I brought new ideas in the face of censorship, I became clumsy in the face of the rigidity, the condescending looks and the freezing cold returned by "this adult world too formatted, political, and polite ”… (not in the polite sense, in the smooth sense and without emotions).

I lived in a new suburban town, in the Yvelines, where all the houses were the same, before I lived in a pleasant, diverse and lively little town. When I was 9, I was worried because nothing was alive, spontaneous or creative. So, I broke the codes, those of my parents, those of school and those of boredom, and I transformed everything!

I created all the time, in drawing, in collage, in poem, in song, in dance, in play, in improvisation, on the stage as in the city!

I am a salesperson, at 19, while I dream of being an artist, it was a brilliant job that I did in a spontaneous, determined and creative way. To negotiate with people who are 30 years older than me, I create adornments, costumes, behaviors and codes that allow me to overcome the first barrier, and to win high-level negotiations! This philosophy of creativity and constant movement has sometimes cost me setbacks and allowed me to develop confidence and self-esteem. I made my dream as an artist come true.

Then, in 2002, I started in training and coaching, and I became totally myself by making others grow, I grew too, and breaking all the codes. Since I became a professional speaker, about 10 years, this is even more true.

One day, I was told "you must not say" that "", and yet it is my singularity, they still wanted to format me, make me fit in the mold, so I wanted to create a conference on spontaneity and authenticity, and then for equality because I had suffered from sexism, another formatting of society in a way.

From that moment on, I decided that nothing would stop my spontaneity, not even the marketing, and I wrote my book “The Power of Spontaneity”.

Even if I break the codes, it strengthens my pedagogical expertise for even more powerful projects! I even created the “spontaneous conference ©”, a completely improvised conference concept! I dare to speak today of my journey, because this path is more difficult than the conventional path, but it is also the price of freedom!

In this fast moving world, only the nimble spontaneous will be able to change along with the movement!

My advice if you want to free yourself:

  • Break the codes that annoy you,

  • Run away imposed trends that you do not understand,

  • Brave politically toxic people,

  • Live the present moment intensely and say no to what bothers you!

  • Make vibrate your freedom of expression, all your diversity and your facets,

  • Love express your emotions and your creativity !

  • ReadThe power of spontaneity »A guide which will become your« survival kit »and a praise to spontaneity to free you in this moving world ”, illustrated by Philippe-Elie Kassabi and published by Eyrolles