Podcast Sud Radio “Parcours de vie”, Sylvaine Messica…. and atypical article!

I take advantage of the post to finally talk about being atypical, multipotential, zebra, "slasher" ... I don't really like to put a name there, I live through a personal vision and values, I evolve, I create , I sometimes fail, I change, I make my dreams come true and those of others!

I was invited by Billie, from Sud Radio, to talk about my life journey, as a woman, as an entrepreneur mother, as a speaker, as a coach, as an artist, as an author and as a woman committed to equality! Thanks again for this invitation!

Listen to the podcast!

Some know me because I coached their team in negotiation or speaking and suddenly, they discover me a singer-songwriter… Or the reverse, I am seen on stage singing, and I am discovered speaker or business woman telling me "I thought you were an artist", "yes, too". Negotiation becomes creative, spontaneous speaking, agile communication, that's what my "zebritude" is for, as they say 🙂! I also coach atypical and over-gifted people ...

My choice is holistic to serve better precisely, I explain, I am in several different universes and I go from one to another to better break down the walls when I am in an educational performance or on stage to speak or sing!

The common points of all my jobs, functions, caps, slashes: Passions, creativity, spontaneity, determination!

Performance sublimated by spontaneity, benevolence and creativity, here are the 4 words that define me to serve my clients and my audience!

In my job of creating a seminar, I can express all my facets, my client is delighted because he obtains a tailor-made and extraordinary seminar because it enriches all my artistic dimensions, as an actress-improviser, as an educational leader, creativity and demanding coach, because creativity does not exclude my desire to perform, and benevolence either!

In fact, I am a universe and star binder, it's not always easy to explain, to give a simple example:

Your company is a galaxy of constellations, all different, I bring them to sublimate their differences and to communicate well with each other so that the whole galaxy is efficient with in addition an incredible singularity and agility!


What if we finally trusted the different profiles ...