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A team of creatives educationalists who reveal and develop your talents, your potential of performing, of motivation and innovation with a unique pedagogy and multiple experiments.

“En haut de l'Affiche”, an expert of the corporate world and improvisation, offers a unique approach and uses the improvisation formation mixed with management formation.

A holistic vision of the corporate world and essentials skills as the improvisation formation which allows the today's sought-after agility. A strong expertise of the commercial and managerial performance, leadership and self development. We also have a unique approach of the animation and the facilitation in order to sublimate your commercial conventions and your seminaries or to create your internal school.

“En haut de l'Affiche” is at the same time an organism of formation and a creator of exceptional events contents.

This year, we celebrate our 10 years old!

Sylvaine Messica / Foundress

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[slz_main_title layout = "layout-2 ″ align =" text-c "extra_title =" EDUCATIONAL AND POWERFUL INNOVATIONS "extra_title_cl =" #d9017a "title =" FUN, "description =" you like a transformation? We'll guide you from the beginning of the change to the autonomy of your teams. We act upon the strategy to the operational.
EN HAUT DE L'AFFICHE® is at the same time business expert and talents developeralchemist.
You are preoccupied by your performance, your well-being and your innovation, these are precisely our fields of excellence!
Our success is to design your project by going deeper that what you could have imagined. "]
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[slz_main_title layout = "layout-2 ″ align =" text-c "extra_title =" team, our vision "extra_title_cl =" #d9017a "title =" Our "description =" Our multidisciplinary team is strong of its benevolence, its agility, its creativity, its pedagogy, its flexibility to accompany the heart of your company: the human.

Our entrepreneurial and artistic background as well as our unique teaching method facilitate the performance, innovation and enthusiasm of our teams.

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[slz_main_title layout = "layout-2 ″ align =" text-c "extra_title =" CERTIFICATION "extra_title_cl =" #d9017a "title =" INTERNATIONAL "title_cl =" #041c2c "css =" .vc_custom_1530250973199 {px!-top: 30 padx!-top: 30 padding-right: 30px! important; padding-bottom: 30px! important; padding-left: 30px! important;} »description =» We are active members and contributors of an international movement: AIN - APPLIED Improvisation Network. We develop our research and contribute to the evolution of the world thanks to applied improvisation.
Sylvaine Messica created the French branch in 2016
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