Apply improvisation to achieve excellence and transformation, my job, my vision!

Improvisation, spontanéité et compétences comportementales, Sylvaine Messica, pionnière en France de l'Improvisation Appliquée, auteure de la puissance de la spontanéité

Do you know applied improvisation?

Here is my journey, between business, improvisation, then applied improvisation where I combined the two!

My quest for spontaneity and creativity applied to the most rational: business and business!

Since 1990, my conviction was to bring together management and improvisation that I teach in parallel with my commercial and managerial career. I wanted to change the world of business and enterprise into a more human, more spontaneous, more creative… In 2002, I wrote my thesis on “Applied Improvisation to management and sales / negotiation”.

Everything that improvisation brings to the company is both collective and individual, training that unleashes incredible power in your teams.

In 2005, I created a training project in Applied Improvisation to management for 2000 managers, the team of actor-trainers En Haut de l'Affiche was created some time before the birth of the company, at that time, my association, a league of an improvisation school was the deployment support!

In 2006, ESSEC contacted me, me “self-taught graduate” late, and asked me to create a management program through applied improv ... This program is a specialized Masters program, pioneer that has inspired many 'other large schools. I animated it for more than 10 years ... 

In 2007, I created EN HAUT DE L'AFFICHE, the training organization specializing in improvisation applied to communication, sales, negotiation, management, leadership, public speaking and team building. Building a team is also an art because I am very demanding for my project and lead a team of ten consultants and actors who understand businesses and whom I train.

In 2007, I discovered the creation of the international association “Applied Improv”, which I joined and co-built… I was in an Anglo-Saxon world but I was no longer alone and we share our know-how in a very generous way. to be the best professionals. We have since created our certification. So, I'm also starting to look for potential peers in France ...

And finally, 2016, I created with great teammates the French group AIN France or Applied Improvisation France! Applied improv has become a recognized educational tool that I have been proud to defend for 15 years, even when no one believed it! I am currently in Los Angeles for our annual international convention… Check out my articles and conferences on this subject, I hope!

I am very happy to announce that AIN France will be the organizer of the international conference AIN Paris 2018, applied Improv Network 2018! This year in Irvine, in August, at the end of the conference, the surprise of the announcement of Paris was made at the end of the convention and created unanimous happiness!

You can go further in your knowledge of applied improvisation and watch the Tedx video I did on the power of spontaneity, in 2015, which then becomes my book project with Eyrolles, " the power of spontaneity", And also the definition of Applied Improvisation on Wikipedia by Christian-Freisleben-Teutscher.

Since the release of my book, in May 2019, I add this line to the article, our seminars "The power of spontaneity" were a major success, until the confinement of 2020, I even did a webinar at distance "the power of spontaneity" because it is our freedom, our treasure, the teams are now more aware of it!

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