"J'veux du soleil", the song of spontaneity!

The sun, spontaneously!

And to celebrate the spontaneity and the release of the book " the power of spontaneity“, I decided to release my clip“ J'veux du soleil ”, a cover of the group“ Au p'tit bonheur ”, recorded in July 2018 and part of the EP“ Rebelle bienveillante ”. This clip was shot in a totally spontaneous way: I arrived in Marseille to shoot another clip of “roots and wings”, one of my songs, and I see the Château d'If, the citadel of Monte Cristo which is part of of the text of "I want the sun", the next morning, the clip was shot, of course, it took creativity, daring, determination and the sun, which for the period of All Saints was very hidden, he ended up piercing some rays for the clip: spontaneity what!