From denial to resilience, managing the crisis

Le déni


Faced with a shock, a change, with himself, the human being is faced with a certain “Denial”. As I tell my learners, whatever their hierarchical level, the human being has a "friend" called "Denial", he calls him as soon as change is necessary, he calls him out. unconscious way.

Denial is a large part of the resistance to change, present in behavioral learning and all change. with regard to the major crisis we are going through, we have seen this denial from the start.

This phenomenon of psychological resistance is set up in the face of any change, that's why it is at the heart of my method. I call him "your best friend Denial", the keeper of change!

Denial in the Crisis

#Coronavirus #Covid19 history reminder

▶ ️ Start of spread with suspected pandemic in China: 12/14/19

▶ ️ Management of French nationals in China repatriated and in quarantine

▶ ️ “All is well” supposedly

The Griveaux affair

Agnès Buzyn quits her ministry to campaign at the worst time

▶ ️ February 2020: spread in Italy

▶ ️ And no decision was taken at that time, a soccer match with 3000 Italian supporters was even allowed


▶ ️ Emmanuel Macron announces the closure of schools and a probable confinement by maintaining the elections

▶ ️ Announcement of the closing of shops and cafes, restaurants on 03/14

▶ ️ Elections Sunday 03/15, maintained, endangering the elderly

▶ ️ Containment partially respected since 3/17/20

Listening to and applying containment comprehensively is the only action possible without a vaccine.

Not to listen is a denial and even an offense leading to tragedies and overloading of hospitals!


Resilience and the next vision


My benevolent and optimistic side sees a possible positive change after this crisis. I hope that the first instinct to buy frantically but rather to continue letting the earth rest: taking your car less, walking around, going to see your loved ones ...

The earth sends us signs, so do animals ! What if we invent an economic model that is closer to our humanist values and the needs of the earth? We could create meaningful jobs and reassure our descendants about the earth's resources and possible positive change. I wrote a article on the link between spontaneity and nature, and if that was the solution: a NEW WAY OF THINKING THE WORLD ! Dear President, stop talking about change, be it and call on people who are fundamentally different from you, not corrupt people in power who go in the direction of OLD WORLD !