The power of spontaneity, the book and the conference!


I am pleased to announce the publication of our work The power of spontaneity, published by Eyrolles, after years of preparation, research and above all practice and pedagogy! I am the author, Sylvaine Messica  and Philippe-Elie Kassabi, is the spontaneous illustrator, the recognized graphic facilitator has dressed all the models with his most beautiful feature! The conference existed in a different form, I re-created it so that it could be completed with the book! Today, we are living through an accelerating change and whether you are in a company or an entrepreneur, you need the tools and the posture to adapt to change while developing your authenticity! This book was created for you!

This is a personal development book which invites you to travel to the heart of your authenticity and it is a praise of spontaneity !

To be spontaneous is to live in the present and build the future!

Spontaneity is the art of being natural, intuitive, sincere, authentic. Learning to express our emotions, our thoughts, is one of the keys that each of us can seize to build a life more in harmony with our deep desires. But, for this, we must be aware of the strengths and benefits of spontaneity. Not easy when we have been taught from childhood to hide our emotions, which often leads us to cut ourselves off in order to please others. Through her training in improvisation applied to personal and collective development, the author has developed a survival kit to help you deconstruct automatisms, but above all to develop your relational intelligence and to listen to your emotional intelligence. Quiz, exercises, anecdotes… This illustrated guide will accompany you throughout your journey to free you from your limiting beliefs, get out of your comfort zone to finally find your authenticity and reach your deepest goal!

Eyrolles bien-être, our editor, has published an excerpt from the book on facebook, read here →  extract of the power of spontaneity in Eyrolles

Here are the first commReaders and if you bought from Amazon, please don't forget to comment!

  • This book is a gift for my life and my project (Vanessa, Consultant)
  • This book is a nugget, a discovery that changed my life (Antonia, IT specialist)
  • Fan of the book, my survival kit (Haifa, Data scientist)
  • The excerpts read give the feeling of a high-level reflection, but which remains accessible. A great challenge seems to have been taken up. (Thierry - high school principal)
  • The first excerpts make you want to continue reading them. Neither one nor two, I ordered it! (Hanane - looking for a job)
  • Spontaneity is a safe bet, thank you for this great reading! (Patricia - entrepreneur)
  • Bravo to you, I read the excerpts and it is well written, well presented, well designed and sometimes even very moving 🙂 (Denis - manager and entrepreneur)
  • Bravo Sylvaine and Philippe-Elie for this superb free! The extract makes you want to know more. Spontaneity is one of the bases of a relationship of trust and the way to the truth. I will have the pleasure of reading it. Good luck to you (Philippe - social media consultant)
  • I received the book and just read the introduction. Great to hand over to the reader after the start test. Drawings and texts amplify each other, the play of thick lines of pencils is very successful.

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I have always been spontaneous and I even decided to apply improvisation to make the company more spontaneous, today I have the same vision since 2002, my start as a consultant, trainer, coach, then speaker. , and year of my Masters, spent 13 years after my field experience in sales with a parallel of an improvising actress, founder of an improvisation school. I wrote a dissertation in order to diffuse the force of spontaneity in organizations that lack creativity and agility and to develop emotional intelligence. I did not know that 17 years later, my conviction would be stronger and more relevant than ever. In 2019, we talk a lot about agility but still too little for the human being who transforms organizations!

This book is made for everyone, everyone will appropriate it, for their personal development, their entrepreneurship or their intrapreunariat, for a team!

Conférence de En Haut de l'Affiche

Conference the power of spontaneity, personal development and agile leadership

Yup and so happy to share with you my anecdotes, models, tools, Quizzes, tips and challenges!

The good news is that I am currently re-creating a new conference "The power of spontaneity" from my book, I can't wait to meet you there!

A big thank you to all our customers, friends and partners who boost our spontaneity!

Spontaneity is for me a filter for beautiful people 🙂

See you soon, we'll keep you posted for events in bookstores or elsewhere

Sylvaine Messica and Philippe-Elie Kassabi

The book "the power of spontaneity" by Eyrolles, author Sylvaine Messica, Illustrator Philippe-Elie Kassabi