Emotional intelligence during the crisis

Résilience dicton

My confinement diary, I kept it in articles and videos, almost daily.

Since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, we have been emotionally upset:

  • First the shock
  • Denial for some
  • Then the emotional wave!

Profiles who have difficulty expressing their emotions must be careful to listen to them, release them and the most expressive ones, to channel them!

Emotional intelligence is the art of recognizing emotions, decoding them and using them intelligently!

Since the start of the crisis, I have been posting videos to you “The moment of spontaneity” according to my inspiration and my emotions.

Here is the series on emotions ...

Denial: Tame Your "Best Friend Denial"!

Joy, knowing how to be amazed every day!

Sadness, how to deal with it?

Fear can be useful during a crisis ...

Anger is present in the crisis, how to release it without going wild?


In the power of spontaneity, there are many exercises and tools to intelligently release your emotions! Order the book here.

Book remote coaching to manage your emotions.

So my advice is let them experience your emotions and if that's too much, maybe it's that you are repressing them or that you are hypersensitive, the topic of my next article!

I wrote this maxim a while back, that's great, I'm launching my webinar series to help leaders change the world!

What if our tears were made to grow our fields of possibilities?

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Take care of yourself, stay at home!