Do not let go of your "cheese" for a flattery of your ego!

Pek tous droits réservé Philippe-Elie kASSABI

It always starts with a courteous offer ...

This morning, I received a proposal, in English, from a person I do not know and on Linkedin. I analyze this proposal in blue.

“Hello Sylvaine, we have built a community of 800 hoteliers around the world and we are launching a chain of online courses, 15 minutes max. I was wondering if you could submit some content to us. You do it for free and it can help your expansion. " Polite and courteous, he gives figures and tells me about my expansion in his network ... 

My answer

Me: »Hello R…, Thank you for your message. I am an expert and my services are not free. To create a possible partnership, I need to understand more about the project and what I gain from it. It can be a win-win deal. " I politely explain to him what business and partnership are, calling a spade a spade ...

Him: “Thank you for your feedback. I'm just looking for a short 15 minute expert video and if you want to be generous, bring something wonderful to the community and once we have your video you can volunteer… ” There, he reduces the effort to the notion of “short”, he makes me feel “generous”, if I do not accept I am not generous… He suggests that I share something wonderful like a generous philanthropist who contributes to make a more beautiful world… Handling, guilt, mixing hot and cold (compliment-criticism).

Me: "What do you offer in exchange, a hotel vacation?" It's my job and my business, no free product or expertise, it's the law of business! " Assertiveness does not exclude humor and nicely turned irony when you are taken for ...

Him: "I see that you are not interested, have a good week ...". It will be your fault if you miss this opportunity, it gives rise to doubt ...

These proposals for depreciation of our work are almost daily!

This exchange made me want to make a video but not the one you expected my dear interlocutor! So maybe post it from me to your network! This video will give you lots of answers, maybe also relevant questions for you!

So thank you for inspiring me to make this video, because I have had enough of charlatans who praise you to punish you directly or through advertising!

Be careful, not everything is manipulation! There is something that titillates me, the commercial has been replaced by social selling, but attention have you gained in ethics? The answer is no !

The salesperson, and I am in a good position to talk about it because I was one before my career as a trainer and speaker, offers a product and the prospect says yes or no to receive it… Today, we are inundated with images and a new need is born:

Make the buzz, be seen, to talk or sell!

On this basis, entire businesses have come up to be the most visible person, and that is personal branding. And now, we also see all kinds of charlatans appearing who promise you wonders. Warning ! The image should not blind us. We like market hucksters but do not fall into the trap of network hackers!

Let us remain vigilant and continue to create healthy partnerships based on recognition, respect and win-win!