Our vision

[slz_main_title subtitle = "At the top of the Poster has a holistic vision" align = "text-l" title_line = "has-line" title = "of the development of the company and its individuals"]

Performance is based on the action of individuals, the team, expertise… and collective intelligence. Managing values is part of our convictions.

Our vision of performance is linked to our brand “EN HAUT DE L'AFFICHE ©”. We bring you this recognition sought after by every actor, the one that reveals you, which promotes a long-lasting performance. Performance and well-being are synonymous.

Beyond the professionalism and results of a project, what makes the difference are our values.

We remember what we live. We change when we decide. We surpass ourselves when we are motivated.

Reveal and train talent by releasing their potential.

  • Kindness: Our fundamental value, your managerial lever.
  • Surpassing: Our demand: pulling you up and allowing you to surpass yourself. "It is not because it is difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that it is difficult" (Seneca).
  • Innovation: Emerging as an innovator and generating exponential internal creative resources
  • Cooperation YES AND…: Our method drawn from the best principles of improvisation like the “Yes and”, universal tool of improvisation, which opposes the “Yes but”.

We progress thanks to a goal, a framework and above all because we feel good and free to bring our ideas and our added value.

This is what the brand At the Top of the Poster © stands for.