Why is it urgent to become spontaneous again?

Livre La puissance de la spontanéité illustré par Philippe-Elie Kassabi et écrit par Sylvaine Messica

At a time when artificial intelligence is adored and digital transformation ultra fast….

Businesses are constantly changing with the whole of society. We advocated the customer relationship to set up powerful software, consumption, over-consumption, visibility of profiles on social networks, then hyper-visibility, connection, then hyper-connection!


Why do we trust technology more than people themselves? Trendy, ready-to-think more than intuition and spontaneity?

Any trend used by a large company will become more democratic and then we go from process to process, as we go from reform to reform (ditto in politics), to an over-consumption of everything, everything "that works", finally of what is well "marketed for the mass", that's why the marketing of social networks do not often innovate, good old recipes designed to influence en masse! Here we are, we always live the mass, the results, the best technology, but not in the singularity! It's practical (irony) ... although very limited in time and very frustrating for humans and his multiple intelligences ! However, we are talking about recruiting zebra or HP profiles while creating clones!

Nature, we don't listen to it much: the land we inhabit and our human nature, our emotions, our instinct, our intuition. Nature is spontaneous and always knows how to create and be reborn despite the problems, she is agile by nature ! Unfortunately, she is in pain and also has her physical and chemical limitations. The abuse makes her suffer, notWe humans are the same! Indestructible waste is like the nauseating comments on social networks, it shows us that the earth and man need a return to basics ... urgent!


What if spontaneity was the best way to get to the point while being connected to the essential?

At school, we were trained because it was easier for our teachers and also for our parents. Then the analysis was played out on the competition, which puts an end to all possible benevolence and authenticity, the one we talk about so much today, and we must understand why! We need it more than anything! We will remember the teacher who knew how to train all the diversity of her class through a creative and personal pedagogy. Then in the company or in the administration, the same, rank, competition formatting, models… And with the transformation which accelerates the changes, the company began to understand that when it wants to change, it is often mechanically and by obligation. results, which does not give good results and above all does not produce any agility but rather resistance. We will also remember the leader who makes us grow ...

Nature requires listening and observation, humans too!


The company drags balls that the digital acceleration weighs down until the chains break. Spontaneity is not a process moreover, this is our real nature !

Spontaneity perhaps the most powerful!


By focusing on human support, throughout life and the successive and natural changes of the company, it is already a good start!

The human who needs to find his instinct, his intuition, his reason for being, his way to fulfill himself in a moving world, to generate his creativity, his freedom, his autonomy ...

Positive spontaneity is my philosophy and even an unconventional method that I suggest you discover through my book, a way of meeting up to find meaning and working together. Every leader must ask himself this question "can my teams be spontaneous, and therefore creative, within my company?" "

Happiness, like agility, like burnout are positive or negative consequences of a state of mind set up by the company. The power games in a company switch influence into manipulation and the slightest approach put in place can be fake !

I like to stir the spirits and especially to reveal them, to release them to all their potential, with my spirit of benevolent rebel and my pedagogy, because my goal is to move towards a more authentic and fun society, which makes things much easier and streamlines transformations, even if some will remain forever nostalgic and chained to the old world for fear of losing control (probably already lost)!

The power of spontaneity

My vision, my battle!

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The conference "The power of spontaneity" is available to all audiences of the company and is also declined by theme “Customer relations”, “social networks”, negotiation, management….

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