"Get out of the box" to get out of the crisis together!

Out of the box créativité

For a year, we have been locked "in a box", that of uncertainty, preservation and limitation of our meetings and we are adapting to respect health protocols. Most companies have to ask their employees to work from home. Telecommuting in this case is not a choice but a change decided by the government. The crisis generates injustices and individual frustrations that few people admit, for fear of losing their jobs and also their security. Do we have the right to say that we need the presence of others? We are pack beings, like other animals that live together. I think a lot about the students who live and work in 10 m2, deprived of their founding relationships with the students and teachers.

According to the latest figures released, only 15% of the economy is stuck and the rest is running slightly down. The 15% concerns life, events, restaurants, shows, culture! Training is also affected, however, nothing prevents companies from doing face-to-face training, and in the balance of the benefits this fills the most important need currently: to become an emotional being again, to feel and listen in real life. I am happy to lead from a distance and it works, the benefits are essential and it is an emergency for the leaders, because we must continue to maintain skills.

Do we have to reinvent ourselves with digital technology, to the point of overdosing on remote meetings?

When the distance courses, they are not suitable for everyone and objectively, it is very difficult to concentrate for more than an hour by interposed screens.

The growing awareness is the importance of getting together, of being together, of seeing each other and of being face to face!

What if this crisis brings us back to seeing each other again with another look? 

What is missing, therefore, is the life, the relationship, the spontaneity, the projects and the cohesion in vivo ! It is sure that the distance or hybrid tools are essential at the moment and to use and also they remind us how important the managerial relationship or between colleagues is. Currently, I lead training courses to preserve this link between managers and employees. A company that is also called “a box”, at the moment, we have to get out of it by being more “locked up” it's paradoxical! The expression "out of the box" means to think differently, to get out of the box, to be creative, to deform, to create, to solve, to disrupt, to innovate to get out of the crisis ... 

Getting out of the box out of the box and that's what boxes need today while preserving the most sensitive: the relationship!

I led a face-to-face training at ESCP a few weeks ago for managers, I support them in leadership and particularly in crisis management. Before, groups hardly paid any attention to this normality of meeting, of seeing each other and of being together… There, it was so incredible and extraordinary to see each other, to have this moment out of time, for them who need to be accompanied as for me who need to find the very essence of my job face-to-face, the passion to transmit skills and also emotions.

I believe that the return of the presence will generate much more meaning and emotions than before, because we will have lived this crisis and measured the strength of being together.

Rediscover our daily life, our usefulness our role, and imagine them better, that's what we need! Rediscover the emotions, the exchanges, the looks, the smiles, the laughter, the tears and even the conflicts because we are relational beings.

To accompany creativity during the crisis is essential and decisive and in the long term. I see a lot of 'short term' stocks now. We do not launch much, we bivouac according to the possibilities.

What if we got ready for everything to go well and better than before as soon as we resume?

Sylvaine Messica

For this, we must think differently by being more free to act!

This is how we launched the seminars "Getting out of the crisis by leaving the box" because we support teams to act as leaders during the crisis and after to generate lasting transformations in permanent creativity: spontaneity is used to be creative in the moment.

The results are there, creative, united, autonomous teams and afterwards prepared for a better and solid reunion!

The stake beyond the constraints of the crisis :

  • To see further
  • Manager
  • Pilot
  • Involve the teams
  • Listen
  • Understand
  • Generate creativity
  • Take advantage of the crisis to make people think
  • Solve iteratively
  • Act in the short and long term
  • Unite more than ever!
  • Bring together
  • Innovate together
  • Make decisions and launch projects!

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