Sylvaine Messica, guest of Sud Radio, live, March 8

Free speech in the media to advance equality!

On the occasion of International Women's Rights Day, March 8, 2019, I am invited live from the Sud Radio morning show, for a debate, at the microphone of Cécile de Minibus and Patrick Roger. Today, I have a vision linked to all my experiences to develop equality: my leadership expertise with managers, my history as an active woman, my "independent" commitment, my vision for gender equality, my action through my conference " the power of affirmation", My observations of behavior in companies and my coaching action, and my song" Simone Veil's daughters", Song which celebrates the freedom of women without always having recourse to the laws, which are unfortunately diverted as I explain it, an egalitarian society is a society which changes the education of the children (stereotypes), and which encourages the women to affirm their leadership! This is a vast project: developing skills and changing things by changing mentalities! It will be long, but it is imperative to support such a change which should not be based solely on changing laws (parity, feminization of boards of directors).

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