Sylvaine messica, dessin de PEK
To be a benevolent rebel, my story!
It's my birthday ! Having this age and in addition to having worked very young makes me a woman rich in experiences and expertise that I pass on to my clients and learners, coached or trained! You ask me that I ...
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Sylvaine Messica et la spontanéité
Break the codes and unleash your creativity in all spontaneity!
Kenzo World advertising is amazing and emotionally powerful! Spike Jonze, the director of the film "In the skin of John Malkovitch" features the sublime and mischievous model-actress-dancer Margaret Qualley, with the brilliant choreographer Ryan Heffington, that of ...
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égalité, femme , simone veil
Women, gender equality, Simone Veil ...
When I was a sales manager, I experienced sexism quite violently. I was commercial director and my CEO fired me because I was pregnant, it was in 2000, "but that was before"! I dare say today "thanks" to this dismissal, I have resumed ...
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