Spontaneous interviews on EN HAUT DE L'AFFICHE TV!
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What if image rhymes with spontaneity? While writing the book "The Power of Spontaneity", I started filming totally spontaneous interviews with clients, learners, coachees, unforeseen encounters ... Sometimes, I felt "no", ...
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"J'veux du soleil", the song of spontaneity!
The sun, spontaneously! And to celebrate spontaneity and the release of the book "the power of spontaneity", I decided to release my clip "I want the sun", a cover of the group "Au p'tit bonheur", recorded in July 2018 and...
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Agence Facilitation graphique
The 7 intelligences of the leader
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Following the creation of the model Les 7 intelligences du leader ®, Les Echos published an interview and my model under the title: So, by which intelligences do you recognize yourself? There is not just one type of intelligence. For a leader, ...
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Improvisation, spontanéité et compétences comportementales, Sylvaine Messica, pionnière en France de l'Improvisation Appliquée, auteure de la puissance de la spontanéité
Apply improvisation to achieve excellence and transformation, my job, my vision!
Do you know applied improvisation? Here is my journey, between business, improvisation, then applied improvisation where I combined the two! My quest for spontaneity and creativity applied to the most rational: business and business! Since 1990, my conviction ...
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Etre authentique dans sa vente comme dans sa vie
Be authentic in your sale as in your life
On the occasion of the release of Management magazine in October 2016, in which I was interviewed on selling when you are an entrepreneur ... I will continue my remarks on authenticity in sales and necessarily in life ! In my...
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Manager l'optimisme crédit Philippe-Elie Kassabi PEK, conférence de Sylvaine Messica
Manage optimism, that of your teams and yours!
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Optimism, yours and that of others… This article is about management and self-management! By Sylvaine Messica (written in 2013 see Linkedin) Why optimism is a key value to develop? It is an expression of the positive mental health of ...
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