Webinar #2 Leadership in Times of Crisis, by Sylvaine Messica

Very happy to have found the participants of last week as well as new ones this week, managers, entrepreneurs, salespeople, directors, HRDs, and from the four corners of France and even the world. I'm starting to take a liking to the technological revolution, because currently, it allows me to stay connected to you and to continue to practice my profession as a speaker, coach, facilitator and trainer. Moreover, I launch several remote Masterclass-coaching "small groups" and the first takes place May 21, 2020, it will allow leaders to train in communicating to get out of the crisis! Preparing the leaders for the post-containment period is essential because they will have to re-motivate the teams after this difficult period. The webinar awakens awareness and goals, coaching activates them!

Today my talk was change and vision. A leader brings about a positive change thanks to a vision that he enriches as he goes along, while analyzing his failures in order to find solutions, as in a course full of pitfalls and that will have to be circumvented to reach his goal. !

After the 40-minute conference, punctuated by live illustrations by Philippe-Elie Kassabi, I answered live to more than 10 questions, each as rich as the next!

In terms of today's polls ...

57% of the participants think that the President of the Republic and the government did not treat the crisis as leaders.

56% of the participants want to become humanist leaders.

And here's the visual summary of today's content! I will definitely put the replays links as a resource but I am thinking about the model.

In any case, the feedback is very good, of course both in substance and in form. See you next week, to register, it's here !