Independents, stand out !

Discover an article on the “Horizons Entrepreneurs” blog, written from the contributions of Sylvaine Messica’s conference: Indépendants, sortirtez du lot !

The least we can say is that this lecture animated by Sylvaine Messica was colorful ! A demonstration by the example of her tips and tricks to have a positive attitude and stand out from the competition.

  • Be enthusiastic, be happy. You will move on better with the smile even if some people try to get you discouraged : do you have some “gaps” ? Who cares ? You can move on without it ! Or maybe with, it depends of the point of view…
  • Stay human : We all make mistakes, don’t forget it.
  • Every project is based on a strong intuition, a dream. What defines you ? What are your wishes ? Make the difference. Don’t forget it is difficult for an independent to separate public and private because he IS his product, his company.
  • Tell your story, your are the hero of it : “ Once upon a time…” “But one day, his life changed…”, “Since he has been working as…”, etc. This will help you to verbalize your added value.
  • Turn the contraint into an opportunity : it is the central point of the independent life.
  • Create an activity which is the symbiosis of your talents.
  • In your customer contact : find a catchphrase that arouses interest. NEVER downplay yourself.
  • At the beginning, create alliances cautiously . But don’t stay isolated either.
  •  Capture what’s around you: observe then synchronize, you have to adapt to the customers.
  • Always “over-satisfy” all your projects at the same level. We have no idea from whom the recommendation will come.
  • Don’t create something too big from the start: you learn by doing.
  • Anticipate, even when the order book is full. Make one customer contact per day.
  • I mean, when the stakes are high: don’t dramatized ! There is also an issue for the person facing you. Besides, if he receives you, it is because you are legitimate.

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