The wall of possibilities ©

WITH THE TEAM AND THE GRAPHIC FACILITATOR restitution on a co-constructed fresco


The wall of possibilities ©

You are organizing an event, a trade fair, a Design Thinking seminar, the Wall of Possibles © is a concept created by En Haut de l'Affiche to free speech and promote discussion.

These are transposed onto a fresco, produced by Élie Kassabi and his team, with the aim of enhancing each person's verbatim. The global vision of the Wall of Possibles will then make it possible to move towards new solutions.

  • On a show
  • Generate flow on the stand
  • Attract people to the stand
  • Generate non-commercial interest
  • Design Thinking Seminar
  • Make ideas emerge
  •  Imagine solutions
  • Facilitate the transformation
  • Event
  • Valuing the words of the participants
  • Highlight their vision
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