Women Power

Sylvaine Messica
A unique conference-show: The Talk-song © by Sylvaine Messica

A conference that will give you the keys and the desire to assert yourself better, to communicate better and which will improve dialogue and equality. A show full ofassertiveness and practical content! Behaviors illustrated live, applicable solutions, emotion, exchange, songs that anchor the moment ...

Sylvaine Messica created a conference-show to develop women's assertiveness and leadership and created internal cooperation and equality. This concept is accompanied by original songs written and composed by Sylvaine: "Les filles de Simone Veil" and "Rebelle bienveillante".

To better communicate, bring together and dare to play down the issues of sexism, discrimination and harassment.

Workshops are offered following the Assertiveness and Leadership theme everywhere.

This conference is suitable for a mixed audience because the angle is the affirmation against all forms of discrimination.