Sylvaine Messica

Founder of Top of the Poster, Speaker-Author, Designer and Educational Director, Trainer and Executive Coach, Facilitator.

Sylvaine Messica combines her expertise in sales, management, improvisation and creativity to support innovation, performance and optimism!


Sylvaine Messica

Sylvaine Messica is a designer and educator who combines her expertise in sales, management, training, improvisation, music and creativity to support the rise in skills, business excellence and innovation of teams and leaders.

Speaker, author, Executive coach, educational designer of training courses, negotiator, change maker, mistress of ceremonies, artist actress and singer-songwriter, all that she is contributes to your development and your influence!

“Business creativity could change the world and bring happiness!”

“Facilitator”, she supports and trains through the alchemy of her talents and skills and brings out confidence, creativity, cohesion, personal development and the performance of leaders and salespeople.
A career

An upstream commercial career, she has been a professional negotiator and specialist in persuasion and influence since 1990. A teacher since 2002, she writes the term “Applied Improvisation” on her research thesis because she believes in the power of improvisation tool that she practices and teaches since 1988. Pioneer in improvisation applied to speaking, negotiation, sale, persuasion and conviction, conflict management and assertiveness, her signature is the spontaneity. His personal development book is also a praise for changing the world “the power of spontaneity”Comes out at Eyrolles.
Commercial and manager (luxury industry, communication and professional training), she practices a communication team sport: “the improvisation match” which develops behavioral and relational agility, daring, co-construction in the customer relations, ease in uncertainty and change… In a word: adaptation, which has become essential today. She models her approach initially through commercial and managerial training, then individual and collective coaching and conferences. Since 2002, she has been developing the technique and behavior, motivation, of the individual and the team.
After several years of experience with leading training organizations, in 2005, Orange asked her to deploy her method to train more than 1,500 managers in spontaneous leadership, Sylvaine Messica concretized her intuition and created EN HAUT DE L'AFFICHE © in 2007 as symbol of recognition, performance and well-being.
His versatility of expertise, his active method and his creativity allow clients to benefit from hand-sewn training, facilitation and seminars, integrating human and contextual specificities. She is the creator of educational games such as the Negotiation Match®. It supports innovation and organizational transformation through fun and tailor-made facilitation. By becoming the coach of a famous speaker, Edgar Grospiron, whom she coaches on the transformation of her conference, into a show-conference, she decides to become a speaker to combine all her hats on stage: the expert, the improvising actress, the committed woman and sometimes the singer. She realizes her dream by producing her EP “Benevolent rebel”And becomes a singer-songwriter! She leads debates and events with the professionalism, pragmatism and spontaneity that characterize her.

She supports several leaders, including some from the CAC 40, on leadership, business and performance. Its mission is to put human, benevolent and creative strength back at the heart of the company, by developing innovation and performance.
She shares her expertise in Europe and around the world within a global network of consultants who apply improvisation.

Today, it supports groups in complex negotiations and helps generate growth, creativity, leadership and daring!

Sylvaine Messica, conference-show `` spontaneous and creative negotiation

Spontaneity is the art of being natural, intuitive, sincere, authentic. Learning to express our emotions, our thoughts, is one of the keys that each of us can seize to build a life more in harmony with our deep desires.

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